#FerrellTakesTheField: League Collaboration Done Right

Spring Training has arrived for Major League Baseball and with it comes a natural dose of optimism, new-formed comradery, and plenty of lighthearted fun. It also provides an opportunity for players, teams, and even the league itself to step outside of the typical formality of the regular season. Today, Will Ferrell is set to play every position for ten different teams today as part of a new HBO special that has been dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Read on MLB.com: Will Ferrell to play every position for 10 teams today

MLB has pushed all-in on the effort today through social media highlighting his spots on shows, his game day routine, and ensuring that each team involved gets some face time. In the words of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, “Spring Training affords an appropriate setting where our game can serve as the backdrop for an event that will benefit organizations that fight cancer.” While many events – for better or worse – unite teams within a league on social media (through a hashtag, changing of a profile picture, or otherwise), this concentrated effort shows the power of a united, single-day social media campaign.

As noted by the MLB.com release, “An important part of the fundraising efforts will be game-used memorabilia from Ferrell’s journey across the five ballparks, to be auctioned at MLB.com with proceeds being donated to Cancer for College, as well as Stand Up To Cancer, a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research.”

Stand Up To Cancer has been a notable piece of MLB’s philanthropic efforts, but today’s #FerrellTakesTheField is a unique twist utilizing a notable comedian and actor to boost the overall visibility. Whereas a viewer during a game may look away or flip channels while the broadcast highlights the game’s Stand Up To Cancer moment – It’s almost unavoidable on Twitter today. Here are just a few tweets from today:

The best part of this campaign? A team doesn’t have to be on the slate of games involved to join in:

In good spirit, the Padres were more than happy to engage in a bit of back-and-forth:

Overall, #FerrellTakesTheField has been a huge hit on Twitter and the day is still very early. We’ll take a look back on the event’s coverage and engagement in a few days.


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