Nike’s New LeBron James Ad: You Matter as a Fan

Despite the absurd amount of content available for viewing on YouTube, I’ve never been one to roam the platform and spend much time going through any particular channel or string of videos. The exception to this rule is Nike. Take a look at any number of their channels and you’ll understand. Take, for instance, this new piece released less than six hours ago at the time of this post with almost 150,000 views:

When I describe my background in terms of my future, I lead with my marketing background. Pieces like this are the reason why. The message is clear: The team isn’t just the listed roster, it’s the entire city. It’s about as fundamental as marketing can get in sports — Make the consumer feel wanted, need, and appreciated. They’re looking for a sense of belonging and, in this case, use the Cavaliers as a piece of their identity.

It’s the same reason we’ve seen a surge in crowd-sourced content like the University of Arizona’s “Thru The Fans Eyes.” At any level of sports, fans are an integral part of the team and organizations are using new ways to demonstrate that. With rewards programs, delivering season tickets, or simple engagement on social media — Fans are getting the nod with varying levels of expression.

When I watch this video, “Together,” that’s exactly what comes to mind: Recognition of the fans’ significance. As soon as a team’s supporters feel they’re not making a difference, they lose their last reason to attend in-person rather than sit on the couch at home.


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